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Native drone bamboo flute

Native drone bamboo flute

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Key note

This is a Exotic doble ( or drone) flute made and designed from quality bamboo (bambusa multiplex) with a special and comfortable wood mouthpiece 🪵.

The two holes in the mouthpiece control the sound of each side on the flute. 🍂

You can play beautiful melodies, starting with one side (like the normal way in a single flute), blowing calmly and delicately, then you can try with both sides on the mouthpiece for producing the characteristic and charming drone sound!!.🎶✨

You can choose the key of your preference for your Drone Flute. 🙌🏼 Just keep in mind:

✨ the key immediately changes the size of your flute. Because of that, the low D and E are bigger than the others ( perfect for big hands and large fingers), low F and medium G are perfect for medium hands, and the Medium A is ideal for small hands✨

In the same way…
the longer the flute, the deeper the tone.

If you want, ask me for the customizable options 😌 the frequency (432, 444, … ) or the binding colors… I’m willing to make this unique instrument appropriate for you. 🙏

👉🏻 for hearing this beautiful sound visit:

👉🏻for more info about Leo vientos the music craftsman behind this flutes visit:

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