Discover the rich ancestral artistry of Native American flute making and traditional music in this special Native American Flute Workshop. A unique experience designed to unravel the intricate process behind the craftsmanship of Native American flutes and the captivating melodies they produce. All done using natural materials, such as bamboo and wood.

About this workshop

This special workshop is a two-part journey: first, we will gather in a flute circle, where we’ll share stories, thoughts, tips, and the enchanting melodies of Native American flutes. Then, we’ll dive into the hands-on part of the workshop, where you’ll learn about the art of crafting your instrument and take the final steps to make it unique. This will include carving, sanding, binding, oiling, and engraving your very own flute, allowing you infuse it with your personal touch.

You can choose Group 1 (evening) or Group 2 (morning) according to which schedule works best for you. Both groups will cover the same topics. You can also choose to participate in the entire workshop (part I and II - 70 USD), with your own flute included or just in the first part (part I - 20 USD) no flute included.

Thank you for joining this musical journey!!