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Harmonic overtone Andean Flute

Harmonic overtone Andean Flute

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This exotic instrument is a Traditional handmade 🙌🏼🎋 Chamanic flute with has a special and charming sound:

This special flute doesn’t have any holes! 🤯

so you can play and control the melody only blowing trough the mouthpiece and varying the intensity of the air. 👍🎶

Also you can cover and uncover de bottom hole of the flute, then you can produce an harmonic upward notes. Due to that, this flute is sometimes called ‘flauta de armonicos’.

This flute is carefully made in order to provide a clear, sweet and delicate sound.

See the video above for get a better experience with the sound.

Feel free to text us if you have any question and thank you ! 🙏✨🎶

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