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Native American Drone Pocket flute

Native American Drone Pocket flute

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🍂✨This is a pocket version of a Drone bamboo flute available in this shop. This beatiful instrument is tuned in key of C or D and has 15 inches long aprox. One side corresponds to a pentatonic scale, and the other side is the drone note. ✨🎶

✨🪵 the wood piece in the upper part allows you to control the way that you want the sound to occur. ✨🪵

The pentatonic fingering 🙌🏼 made this flute easy to play, everything you do sounds good !! … so you can joy the experience to create beautiful melodies.

If you want to hear its sound just visit:

Remember. Bamboo is a natural creation, then all bamboo pieces are different. No two flutes are the same.

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