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Native American Spirirt bamboo Flute

Native American Spirirt bamboo Flute

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Lovely Native American handmade flute. 🍃🙌🏼 Easy to play. Deep and sweet, high-quality sound.

Custom tuning: Choose any note or key of your preference. (other scales are available). If you need help to choose the best option for you, let us know!

Take your time and see the videos below to check the sound of this wonderful wind instrument.

This flute is carefully handmade to get a soft and calm sound.

Some specifications:

🍃 The low D: It's the deepest and low tone. Recommended for big hands, The distance between bottom holes is about 1 1/4 inch. It has a total length of about 26 inches.

🎶 Check the Low D native flute sound:

🍃The low E: It's similar to the Low D, but a bit smaller. It had a length of about 24 inches. Appropriate for medium, big hands.

🎶Check the Low E native flute sound:

🍃The low F: the low F native flute is appropriated for medium hands. Its length is around 22 1/2 inches

🎶 Check the low F Native flute sound:

🍃 The medium G : The Medium G Native American Flute is around 21 inches long, and has high pitch compared to the previous ones. It’s perfect for medium/small hands and for for those starting to learn to play.

🎶 Check the medium G Native Flute sound:

🍃 The Medium A: The medium A Native Flute has around 19 inches long and it is perfect for small hands. It's also an excellent flute for beginners.

🎶 Check the medium A Native flute sound:

👉🏻 To listen another beautiful sounds of this especial flutes visit:

👉🏻 info about Leo Vientos, the craftsman behind this flutes:

Feel free to text us if you have any question. 🙏✨🎶
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