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Pincuyo andean whistle flute

Pincuyo andean whistle flute

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✨🎶This is a traditional and special flute from Andean culture, similar to the Irish whistle , but made in quality bamboo and professionally tuned in C (or any key that you prefer) ✨🎶

👍So… you can play with others, just choose your key note!!

👉🏻The sound of this flute is soft and sweet which is perfect for playing beautiful melodies. 🍃

This flute is a good flute for knowing the world of the Andean windwood instruments. If you are trying to learn how to play the Quena, or if you like Andean or traditional music this instrument, it is for you!.

Feel free to text us if you have any Question.

👉🏻🎶For hearing the beautiful sound of this flute visit:

For more info you can see our videos:

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